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About the Academic Advising CHEATCODE

Marlayna Goosby has accumulated over a decade of experience in the higher education sector. Commencing her journey in the mailroom as a transcripts specialist at Troy University, she meticulously scanned and processed official transcripts for the college evaluators. Progressing steadily, she ascended through various roles, including College Admissions and Academic Advising, culminating in her appointment as the Director of Academic Advising and Testing at Northwest Florida State College.

During her tenure, Marlayna assumed pivotal leadership positions, including President of the local chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges and Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. Notably, she also contributed her expertise at the statewide level as a board member of the Association of Florida Colleges based in Tallahassee.

A staunch advocate for equitable education, Marlayna has spearheaded initiatives to enhance accessibility to information and opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional college students.

Recognizing the challenges posed by underfunded public education, she launched the Academic Advising CHEATCODE program, dedicated to guiding future and current students towards successful graduation paths.

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